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Web Security Services

Blaster provides Business-Driven Security solutions for advanced threat detection and cyber incident response, identity and access management. While website hacks and malware have a limited number of variations, some of them are known for doing more damage to your website and your business than others – particularly if you have been hacked more than once. Get a free, no-commitment emergency hack repair quote.

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We specialise in helping businesses and individuals to regain control of their websites after an attack. If your site has been compromised. In addition to regaining full control of your hacked website, we will take steps to repair any damage that may have been sustained. Our services include:

We upgrade your CMS version to the latest after taking recent backup and update all core files

We remove all unnecessary files i.e. Unused themes, plugins and files on the server.

We install and properly configure a combination of security plugins for more protection

We address possible username and password issues to reduce brute force attacks

We run a 3rd party server-side scan to inspect every file on your website for suspicious code

We make further recommendations that can enhance your website presence

Recover Your Hacked Website

If your site has been blacklisted as a result of malware, our specialist team can clear your name and help avoid lost sales from nasty ‘untrusted site’ notices. Our clean-up service can help you to avoid SEO / Google ranking issues in the future.

24/7 monitoring

Malware removal

Secure checkout with SSL encryption

Blacklist cleanup

Dirty SEO repair

Fastest possible recovery

Website hardening and monitoring

Insecure web hosting and weak passwords solutions

CMS update management

Sitelock integration for better security

Fix of spam submissions with captcha

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