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Polo A Go Go was created as a tribute to a sport that has given me so much, to the people that welcomed, encouraged & embraced me, and to the horses that are so magnificent & have always been a part of my life.

Our goal is to help grow the sport & increase awareness. No other game, I believe, has the aura & lifestyle that polo has. The people are what makes it so inviting and Polo A Go Go wants to encourage new players to come join us, come be part of our international Polo Family. If it is coming to a local club to take lessons or becoming familiar with the sport through programs such as Work to Ride, to playing high goal or watching a match from the stands, it all enables us to share this beautiful sport with more people. We would also like to be a part of cultivating and developing existing players through sponsorships & endorsements for these are true athletes and like in any other professional sport, they take risks and should be compensated for those risks.

Then there are the fans & the spectators that come out to see and be seen. They support our clubs, vendors, associated charities & our events. Where would we be without the crowd? Polo A Go Go wants to make is easier for the general public to find local polo events and to realize that YES! you are welcome here. In fact we would love to have you at our matches and NO you don’t need to be royalty to come in. Please be our guest.

Additionally, we are creating a directory to include the clubs, manufacturers of clothing & equipment, equestrian & immigration attorneys, realtors, artists, trophy manufacturers-every part of the polo machine will be included so that it is easily accessible to newbies as well as seasoned players.

Services such as free classifieds & job boards are available. The job board will enable grooms, players etc to add their resume so that potential employers may review their qualifications.

Polo is a “Give Back” sport featuring & supporting numerous charities at matches. We too shall have a charitable arm so that we can give back as well. We are currently doing sponsorships for matches and looking to align ourselves with Work to Ride Programs as well as charities to make sure that we complete the circle.

So that is the goal and we propose to do this by joining forces with as many people, clubs, companies, you name it, as we can. I have ridden other disciplines and have never seen a group of people that shine like polo people. If I, myself, & Polo A Go Go can give back a fraction of what this sport has given me, then we have accomplished our task.

This is all for the love of polo.