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Big Trends to Boost B2B Leads Generation In 2018

Blaster Lead Generation 2018

If you’re a B2B marketer, one thing’s for sure: You have fought for the lead generation. The challenging and competing B2B aspect makes it extremely difficult to generate valuable leads.

In fact, CSO Insights found that to be the biggest challenge for sales organizations. And to top it all off, B2B lead-generation tactics evolve every year as organizations gain new penetrations that tell them what does and doesn’t work.

It’s little wonder why, then, that keeping your eyes uncovered for upcoming developments is incredibly important. For 2018, consider adapting your strategy based on the following trends.

1. Targeted and Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns
That’s a big reason for the big brands such as Amazon, GoDaddy etc to target the individuals. B2C retailers have already embraced personalization. Definitely, you’ve received personalized recommendations based on your shopping history, Google search results recommendations etc and you’ve probably received an email with personalized offers from your favorite brands. Clearly, personalization has proved its marketing effectiveness, and now it’s catching on in the B2B industry as well.

2. Social Video
Video is an ongoing trend to become an important part of B2B lead generation processes given that an increasing number of B2B customers are accepting this type of content. In fact, 70% of researchers & customers in the B2B industry watch videos throughout for a better understanding of product or services associated with their purchase journey, according to Google. And 48% of them spend at least 30 minutes watching B2B videos for their research.

3. Social Media On the Go or Live Streaming
You might have noticed that going live by the business personnel via social media channels such as FB live, Youtube r Twitter etc has become a popular trend for brands to engage customers and collect the user information via their shopping search trends/history/patterns. This trend has been now getting an attention for the B2B industry, with more and more companies streaming webinars or webcasts to generate leads and engage existing customers. Once this trend for a company becomes popular, it becomes an in-demand for the consumers as they also want to listen to the company updates and more!

4. Collaborations With Industry Players or Influencers
Influencers have taken the marketing industry to the next level. While you mostly see influencer marketing being used to promote customer products, it’s also starting to impact the B2B niche.

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