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Web Development, Technology & Simplification

Web Development, Technology & Simplification

We are all living in the Internet world and we have seen sheer changes from traditional era to the modern age. Things have been changed rapidly and going to change in the future from what we are currently using. Did you notice the notion? One thing is common in the vast scope of web designing or development era. Can you guess what’s that? Obviously, you will have to go back and forth to scan that sinusoidal wave. The super common thing is the process of “simplification”! Yes, we are heading towards the more simplified world. This simplification is an iterative process that is using a lot of methodologies and technology subsets. Let’s talk about web development.

As we mentioned earlier, the previous generation of coders was using the long piece of codes even thousands of lines of codes in order to implement a fully functional software and the entire SDLC was designed in multiple flavors. As time passed, the new steps & programming world invented.

Now, we can have so many developers are working on built-in CMS software including all niches. Many built-in tools have been customized to meet the industry specific needs. Going forward, WordPress, Magento, Shopify etc have changed the small business world completely. They have even become the backbone of the economy as so many developers, virtual assistants, even freelancers have been engaged in these activities and doing their best to optimize the processes all the way.

We at Blaster web services, also do CMS implementation and customize them by with the latest technology & web design i.e. responsive web design which is easily accessible and mobile friendly feature. About title as we said the web development trends in 2017 will dominate the coming years. Internet of Things, Big Data and Data science [Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Prediction] are becoming the hot topics these days. The best case will always be to simplify the life and run the economy worldwide by creating advancement in the technology.

We discussed things about web development specifically the back-end options, now if we talk about web front end, we have seen the same advancement in that. When you access an old website, you will find that there is no symmetrical approach in their web design. The reason is same, i.e. we are moving towards the advancement of web design era. From, table structures to div & class, we have now moved to the entire scripted world. What we’ve got from this entire exercise is, we’ve simplified things for designers as well as for the stakeholders.

Technology gets change, while the goal remains the same i.e. simplification! The entire technology is spinning around a common objective i.e. “Simplification”.

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