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Know What Is A Landing Page And When You Need It?

As the name itself suggests- A landing page is a page that you want to drive your website’s visitor on. A landing page is also called a lead capture page or sometimes it’s called a conversion form. Well, the idea is to drive your visitors on a platform from where they can reach their destinations through some lucrative perk or offerings to them. If you are a software vendor then you probably can offer them free guide on software operations or some basic software/apps etc utilities to fulfill any need. If you are an author and writing an interesting novel or book, you should offer some discounts or basic free readings etc in order to generate further interest in your content. If you are a clothing or an eCommerce store, you could offer some coupons to meet better sales goals.

Did you notice above free offerings or things that generate more interest in your user’s mind? Yes, you caught it in that way. You need to capture contacts of your users to make them your potential customers or clients. But again how you will do that? Yes, you need an entry page that can capture the details from the customers and the customers will fill it in exchange of their interest of getting some perk. Here comes the concept of a landing page and that is a must for all your marketing efforts.

Remember, your marketing starts from the base and the point where your website first appears in front of your business or potential users. Once you are done with a landing page, you need to have further collaboration for email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and more! The latest marketing trend, let’s say growth hacking is also can be thought in that way. A typical growth hacking puts landing page concept into non conventional approach.

We will share some ideas and tips for creating an effective landing page:

  1. Once you finalize your goal for the page, you need to come forward with an absolute call to action. This is literally one of the most important part of any landing page. Your CTA should be originally bind with your goal, and should be aligned with everything else on your page i.e. from heading and body themed to images and overall layout. For ex. if you are a health coach, your images should be matched with page theme text and color scheme etc,
  2. Keep your design as simple as that. Your visitors should love it in order to going forward with you.
  3. Content is the king and online marketing is the queen. Make it royal with this beauty in your mind.
  4. Be precise with the length of your page. Even nobody likes reading never ending text.
  5. If you think you should embed a video on your page, make sure it’s not taking a lot of time as you already requested email and contact info from them.

And there are so many hidden benefits like website traffic, easy optimization for the keywords and more can only be revealed when you set-up one for your website. If you need any assistance and setup help, contact Blaster Web Services today! We will be more happy to work for you to get your business succeed.