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Amazing Tips for Hiring A Great Web Development Company

Web development is not a 1 or 2 days process and it’s not an easy task to find a right development team match overnight. A web development process is literally comprehensive and involves a lot of time in business analysis from the client end. If you are a business owner and think your business needs to be explored, branded and well reputed on the Internet, you should go ahead and find a skilled developer to handover him your thoughts. It’s really very easy to search for a good developer on the Internet but it requires proper screening to finalize the right provider.

We will provide you some tips and ideas to make it easy and speed-up your developer’s selection process.

1. Identify your need: It’s very important to understand your actual needs thus know if you need a “business website” or a “mobile application”. The business website is a superset of your products/services or offerings while the mobile app is a subset of it. Mobile app is a utility to simplify and streamline your business processes for your clients in terms of time, money and accessibility.

2. Business logic and plan: If you have explained your business logic to developers or their sales managers, they should be able to draw a complete workflow and stakeholders associated to it. This will give you an idea of mutual understanding & additional information required to achieve the desired goal.

3. Interview the developer: Don’t ask for trivia queries like: Who created PHP and year of release etc as you can not judge the smartness of any person based on such useless questions. Instead you should go for some meaningful questions like:

(a) How do you handle conflicts in a web application when different people are editing the similar data?

(b) What sort of design patterns [They can speed-up the development processes] have you used, and in what circumstances? Remember, reusing an existing design pattern can help you reduce the coding time and effort.

(c) Ask for differences between object-oriented design and component-based design?

4. Ask for Portfolio: A portfolio is an asset to any reputed web development company. You can ask them to have references of the clients work they have done so far and it will add values to your selection if they already performed the similar job before. It will help and speed-up the job and hence it will save time and money.

5. Pricing and Estimation: If they have offered you the best competitive price for the services you need, you should accept it. Make sure you clarify on deadline & finalize the deliverable before commencement.

6. Check for availability and backup resource: Developers availability via email or through VoIP is a must these days. There should be a full time availability of power and Internet backups to expedite the development process as many times project delays due to resource failure.

7. Ask for Content and Marketing: In our real life, we prefer to do one stop shopping. Think it in that way, if your web development company is also offering you the post development facilities like web hosting services, SEO, content & marketing. Check with them if they can promote, optimize and write content for you.

Additionally, you can have an NDA signed and intellectual property rights to keep your work safe and secure in your hands. If these steps are followed well, you should get your website or any software developed on time and within budget. Sometimes, the clients change their provider or vendor frequently because they are either not clear with the requirements or the developer delays the project. Make sure your project is managed through PMS so that you could have a cross-check on what’s been done and what will be done next.

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